Welcome to Levavi Spatulas!

Pron: luh-VAH-vee  SPACH-uh-luhz

You heard me right–Levavi Spatulas.  Yes, that’s Latin.  Sort of.  Why this name, and what does it mean?

First of all, my alma mater, where my sister and guest blogger extraordinaire currently attends school, provided a bit of inspiration for this blog.  The Hollins University motto is “Levavi Oculos,” or “Lift thine eyes,” and it comes from the 121st Psalm.  These words, like the majestic hills of the Roanoke Valley in which Hollins is nestled, communicate feelings of hope and grace.

“Levavi Spatulas,” on the other hand, communicates cravings for cupcakes and a call to arms in the kitchen.  In very proper Latin, obviously, it means “Lift thine spatulas,” which I hope all of you will join me in doing!

And for  you Latin scholars out there, yes, I know, it’s pronounced “Luh-wah-wee.”  I’ll stick with the phonetic pronunciation, thank you very much.

Who are we?


I am grad student in the Great Country of Texas and love chocolate, fashion, all things French, literature and art, and puppies.  My two dogs, Mabry and Remy, love it when I make coq au vin (or anything for that matter!) and desperately wish they were allowed to eat table scraps.  My husband, who is allowed to eat table scraps, loves my chicken and andouille gumbo as well as my cookie dough cupcakes.  Also, if I could be any kitchen implement, I would be a corkscrew.


Maria is my sister and a regular guest blogger here at Levavi Spatulas.  A student at Hollins University, she blogs about culinary delights and confections that can be created on a college-student budget within limited spaces, such as a dormitory kitchen.  Her passions are theatre and history.  You can also read her work online at OKRA, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum Magazine. If she could be any kitchen implement, she would be a whisk because whisks are cool.

What’s the scoop?

Levavi Spatulas is a place for us to share recipes and images, experiment with ingredients and techniques, hone our photography skills, and explore our culinary and artistic passions.  So grab your spatulas, ice cream scoops, biscuit cutters, and cast iron skillets, and join us on this new adventure!


You can contact us at levavispatulas(at)gmail(dot)com.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You guys are great. My name is Peter Levavi, and I share your love of spatulas. Ever since the movie UHF did a spoof commercial for Spatula City (buy 9 spatulas, get the tenth one free!). If I ever had a rock band it would be the Levavi Spatulas. But would you sue me?

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