Last-Minute Children’s Gift Idea

Phew!  I finally finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.  Thank goodness for free two-day shipping on Amazon.  Every year, I swear I am more on top of my Christmas preparations than I was the previous year, then suddenly, mid-December surprises me out of nowhere!  I mean, really, that sneaky Christmas, who knew it would come on December 25 this year?  Fortunately, all I have left to do is whip up another batch of peppermint bark, assemble my gift baskets, and get ready to head to Louisiana with my husband and pups to celebrate Christmas.

I hope you are also all finished with your shopping and ready to relax and enjoy the holidays.  But, if you need to get a last-minute gift for a child, perhaps a budding baker, I’ve got an idea for you.  I picked up an adorable apron at Williams-Sonoma last week for each of my goddaughters.

Isn’t it cute?  The apron was just over $20.  Williams-Sonoma has dozens of styles that would be perfect for both girls and boys, including aprons with baking-inspired designs and sports logos.  I bought mine in the store, but apparently, it’s still not too late to order online for Christmas delivery.  I’m sure you can find children’s aprons in a variety of toy stores as well.  And of course, for those of you more organized than I could ever hope to be who may already be thinking about birthdays and next Christmas, you could order lovely, handmade aprons ahead of time (Imagine…ordering gifts ahead of time!) from Etsy.

So that my goddaughters can put their new aprons to good use (and christen them with chocolate frosting), I also tucked some cake mix, icing, cupcake wrappers, and sprinkles into their presents.  Of course, these girls are only 3- and 5-years old, so their parents will be doing most of the baking, but kids adore helping mix and measure as well as licking the spoon.

I love how bright and happy these sprinkles are that I found in my grocery store.  You could give all sorts of baking accoutrements and tools: cupcake tins, rubber spatulas, cupcake toppers, tubes of colored icing, or cookie cutters.  This is such a delightful and budget-friendly gift idea for children (or even adult baking novices) that you can customize based on the age of the receiver.

I hope all of you are lucky enough to give and receive gifts this holiday season that are as much fun as this present was for me to put together!


2 thoughts on “Last-Minute Children’s Gift Idea

  1. Ryleigh was super excited and we are baking (as I have promised her all week) cupcakes tomorrow! This is a GREAT idea! And now she has an apron that will remind her of her Godmother for years to come! 🙂

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